David Lynch

November 16, 2011

David Lynch has a solo album!? Sure enough, and it sounds just like you think it would. Crazy Clown Time sounds like it is just waiting for a film to be made for it.  Pitchfork has an interesting review of the album plus music history about David Lynch. He held a make-the-video competition for two of the songs, “I Know” and “Good Day Today” and you can check out a lot of the finalist (and winners) on youtube. Here’s the official winner for “I Know.” This should be a mandatory own along side your Twin Peaks, Lost Highway, Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, etc. …


Isobel Campbell (Belle & Sebastian) and Mark Lanegan’s (Screaming Trees) voices meld together with such lush deliciousness on their album Hawk. The in-between where his deep rough voice and her airy soft voice meet is pretty close to perfection. From the album, I tend to lean towards the more lite pop or lounge-y songs. “Come Undone” takes it to the next level. Would have been a perfect contender for the Trees Lounge soundtrack back in the day. Think modern day Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood.


March 24, 2011

A mingling of jazz/hip hop/electronic/pop/lounge all pulled together by the most delicious soulful voice. “270 Stories” really rolls through many styles with many surprises. Reminds me much of Alice Russell.