Guilty pleasures

July 21, 2010

Delish … electro-pop … pleasures.
Sugar & Gold Get Wet!  Uffie Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans I love both of their new releases. Shameless lust.



July 19, 2010

The new M.I.A, Maya, will rip your face. I mean it is crazy good. I can’t stop the listen. Seriously, you just need to own it, disregard all the b.s. people are putting out there about the release.  Her website has music previews so you can hear just how good it is. Click right here to see her video for “Born Free” which caused hella controversy.

B-Boy Stance

July 9, 2010

Sometimes a song is just so great. For that place you’re in, it stands alone … and works you. Right now I freakin’ can’t get enough of K-OS’ “B-Boy Stance.” I jam it at least once a day. Even though it’s from 2004, it still holds.   The ladies kill it in the video!  At a live show … better than a moshpit.

The Budos Band

July 8, 2010

New sounds around the corner. For now, they’ve released a teaser track  “Unbroken, Unshaven” from the upcoming Budos III album (on the mighty Daptone Records).

 Afro vibed fresh.  Funky.

Tobacco – the intersection of industrial and synth and beats and grind and vocoders. While for the most part, I left industrial back in the 80’s, and cringe at everything Nine Inch Nails song that I hear (please dear Trent R, enough already), Tobacco sculpts his (Tom Fec) sound in a way that tickles the tickle spot. Here’s a sample video of some of the tracks off the Maniac Meat aural assault.

2 diverse and hot ‘best of’ releases. Both bring the funk, break it down, and de-liver. The Herbaliser’s Herbal Tonic is a full range of  sounds: hip hop, jazz, funk, beats and so on all wrapped up in a stone serious package.

Chicken Lips’ Show Your Shape while not as many classics, still holds it own. I mean I love their old school flavor. I feel like this group really gets passed over. This is a good chance to grab a full collection of sounds from them. They always end up on my mix tapes. A staple, no doubt.

Get on it people. Worthy of your time.