The music. The people. The mood.  

The power.

The fashion!!

Check out those shorts & boots. Now that’s a power suit. The unveiling starts :28 seconds in. Devine, to say the least. Wattstax.


Combative fun. And it is all fun. Kinda like Beastie Boys on a lotta red bull. Hawnay Troof … my new favorite get down.

Stones Throw Records

April 23, 2010

You just can’t go wrong with this label. I mean Stones Throw has the market cornered on all that is relevant in the hip hop, soul, funk, and funky market.


They are all to often the soundtrack to my whole day … and nite. They are the masters of dope compilations. Innovative, yet respectful of the old school sounds.

You ready for Jahcoozi?

April 22, 2010

Mellow electronic groove. Jahcoozi‘s super new release Barefoot Wanderer is tight. You can definitely drift in it. Lush minimalism.

World Lovin’

April 19, 2010

This song is amazing and powerful in it’s simplicity. Thank freaking goodness for the 70’s. Embrace it. Simple message: be cool to people … be cool to the world. Seriously. Listen up.

These ladies were before their time, and hella crazy! Nothing short of fabulousness on steroids (and acid).

Oh how I have time warped back in the day with neon colors blazing, pants cranked tight and permed hair teased high … The Bird & The Bee’s tribute album to Hall & Oats is just a fabulous moment. I’ll admit, I wasn’t smitten at first listen, but have since fallen head over heals for this reincarnation of soulful 80’s. It’s as if I’m in a dark glammed out dive bar with my cocktail all mixed up by Ginger as I get funky to “Private Eyes.” How amazing is this video … they are playing with John Oats and she’s so pregnant and still brings it (sorry about the abrupt ending of the video).  A mini taste of “I Can’t Go For That.”