Even though they are based out of New York, BBB are all world beat. Gypsy and horns and electronic sounds come together to make the music happen. Blue Eyed Black Boy is such a collaboration/coming together of world flair. The energy is crazy. Check out this video … rad!


So I’ve been floundering over posting about the new Elmore Judd album.

The problem being, the previous album was complete and utter alternative funk for me. If my mp3’s were vinyl, I would have worn the grooves out. Loved it and stalked a new album. Then … the new album arrives. And I listen. And, well, it just wasn’t the same. Then I realized … it’s not the same, but that doesn’t make it bad – just different, and change is good, right? Right! So now …. I like the album for what it is. Elements of jazz, gypsy/folk, and mystery – for a lack of a better term – sneak into the overall funk vibe. You can preview all the tracks here. At the end of the day, I do love this new album too. But here’s a throwback video from his previous album, Insect Funk.

Maybe it’s my Czech roots showing, but I love this stuff! Perhaps it takes me back to the infinite family weddings I went to as a kid, dominated by polkas … grand marches … accordions. Slavic Soul Party is marching band meets jazz meets Eastern European flavorings. AND, they are from New York – you would never know by listening!   Their 5th release Taketron is rich with good times. Nastravi! You can hear it on their website (linked above).