Boots Electric

August 29, 2011

The next best thing to a new Eagles of Death Metal release – a Boots Electric (aka Jesse Hughes aka Eagles of Death Metal dude) solo album. Man, I know it’s gonna be good and rockin’ and funky. For pete’s sake, Money Mark is involved!! It’s a wait worth waiting, ya know … but giddy up tiger.Bring on that Honkey Kong


B. Dolan

February 14, 2011

Say, this is some edgy hip hop. Like ballsy rock hip hop or something. It’s hip hop, but it’s rock, but it’s spoken word. The reviews read really mixed. My personal choice … hell yeah. Check out his grind … This video reminds me of our ModPlexi art … things mashed together, that shouldn’t. Yeah I know … I’m a little late on this. whatevs …

Good gravy how did i miss this band?

They are just the right combo of electronic music and rock, which is heavy on the elctro side, with a rock edge (rock sounds like such an odd word these days). And if you visit their facebook page, you can learn the 7 anagrams for Tigersapien, my favorite being peeing sitar …