I think I am honestly more intrigued by her than the music.

And by her, I mean Marti Domination.

Honestly, I don’t really know much about Cold Cave. I mean I dig synth pop lots, but I find myself getting a little dulled by the listen sometimes, maybe it’s a hair too industrial for me. I like them, I just don’t love them … but I do like it’s 80’s aesthetic none the less. Check out this amazing video for “Life Magazine,” featuring Marti Domination.  

Um yeah, that’s fabulousness.


This video is an amazing reenactment of some blue note album covers (originally designed by Reid Miles). Watch it.

I told you, highly amazing, right? Gorgeousness. For all the details on this project, and even more (tons) album cover eye candy – check out the article posted on Graphicology. It’s a great write up with oodles of details about the project.

Milez Benjiman, shake it!

August 18, 2010

Crunchy thick funky funk. Grimey and heavy.  This song is one of the best  funk jams to come my way in a while. Some tracks tip the r&b scale a bit too much for me (ok, maybe way too much for me), but the funky funk far out weighs and makes this album sooo worth listening.Feel Glorious excites me and grooves with visions of 70’s & 80’s electro funk.  The real kicker is, it was freakin’ released in 2008, serious musical slip on my part to just now find this nugget of funk. Talk about sleepin’ on a release. But … now I know, and now I groove.

I don’t really know anything about Neighbour, and I couldn’t find much info online. But dang I REALLY dig Neighbour’s release Street Meat. 80’s synth sounds done all funky and gritty with fat beats, and the occasional vocoder thrown in. I am so there. Worship all 4 tracks. I can direct you here to listen to the tracks or here to myspace (although not much info on it). My advice, seek out and enjoy your Man Juice with your Robo-Dick.

Delorean gone all DLRN

August 10, 2010

With their second release, the name changes from Delorean to DLRN (you still say it the same.) Synth & funk inspired hip hop all over their new album The Bridge and … and … AND you can download it for free – check it out! A legit free download at that. Certified fresh listen … takes the first release No More Heroes and funks it out even more. Layers of beats and words. Love it. This video’s from No More Heroes.


*this is NOT the alternative band Delorean, NOT.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk

August 8, 2010

Holy greatness-on-a-stick. The most delish combination of sounds. I can’t even begin to express my love affair with this man. I know this video is stale, as there’s nothing to watch … just listen. Roland Kirk Quartet’s “Three for Dizzy.” It is the communion of soul, funk, and jazz. Seriously, pause … listen. This dude has it going on … his catalog is tremendous, varied, and demands a listen.

No brainers …

August 2, 2010

Easy picks. Ear candy. Guaranteed get downs. I know this is a lotta mainstream … but it’s all of the good kind. Shake it for realz. I am. Right now.

The Roots How I Got Over. It’s The Roots people … a guaranteed good. Common Go! Common Classics. What can I say … I love Common. This album (collection) has all the goods …  Big Boi Sir Luscious Left Foot. OK, call it yet another guilty pleasure, but I’m an Outkast fan from back in the day. Some things you just can’t shake. But really, why would you want to?