DEVO is baa-aack people

June 21, 2010

DEVO. We’ve all been touched by Devo in some way right!? Love their divine quirckiness style. Can’t help but to devour them … And now there is new Devo.  This song is such the jam (not their official video). Something For Everybody is best appreciated in sections, as the sound can become repetitive. But it’s still classic Devo, just a bit ramped up. Embrace your inner spazz. Dig out those glasses and pogo your ass off.


I have listened to this song no less than 10 times today. “Shari Vari” by A Number of Names is the jam! I mean it is seriously for realz. It will turn your moment around (and then some). And check out this video … these dancers own the get down! Check this video for a pure listen to the song.