May 23, 2012

I have listened to this jam 5 million times. I think it’s the beat – isn’t that what gets you on it? Kind of a creeper effect. That whole Twirligig is worth a good listen. Trips. More to listen to here (click his name for expanded tracks)


Jonti info right here.


Late Bloomers

July 26, 2011

They did. THEY WENT AND DID IT. The easiest of groove. The funkiest of hip hop. Three Shades of Brown is a lotta soul, funk, hip hop, and a touch of electronic. It’s all kinda musically magic. It’s nice to hear hip hop that treats their music with such indulgence.

Late Bloomers are magical and soulful.


May 6, 2011

Today’s all about crunchy fat beats. Salva’s Jar from 2009 is so grimy and thick and well, crunchy. Complex Housing was just released but for me, it just doesn’t have that … texture Jar has. I mean it’s all gravy but today, it’s all about Jar. Serious sound manipulation. Check out XLR8R for a rad mix Salva did featuring bands/sounds including B. Bravo, Dorian Concept, and Bok Bok. There be some bass in that mix! Plus check out his Frite Nite label for tons of music hook ups, tons.

Damn I Love The Go! Team

April 20, 2011

Their new album Rolling Blackouts just makes me all bouncy and happy and you know, feelin’ good! I dig when bands have so many sounds all coming together for an upbeat boogie down. Here’s the trailer for their new album.

So super rad … and check out the full length video for “Apollo Throwdown” featuring Dominique Young Unique (who is a total badass in her own right). Get your spazz on.

2 diverse and hot ‘best of’ releases. Both bring the funk, break it down, and de-liver. The Herbaliser’s Herbal Tonic is a full range of  sounds: hip hop, jazz, funk, beats and so on all wrapped up in a stone serious package.

Chicken Lips’ Show Your Shape while not as many classics, still holds it own. I mean I love their old school flavor. I feel like this group really gets passed over. This is a good chance to grab a full collection of sounds from them. They always end up on my mix tapes. A staple, no doubt.

Get on it people. Worthy of your time.

In the meantime, here’s their first offering.

Kotchy for breakfast

March 22, 2010

I like Kotchy because they/he bring(s) the groove within subtleties. Kind of like my morning starter if you will – my music morning coffee. Understated experimental groove pop that eases me into my day.

And if you dig around in his website, there’s a free mp3 download or two.