Soundtrack Indulgence

June 22, 2010

Sometimes I end up owning soundtracks, not necessarily because of the music, but because I was driven to them by the cover art or the vibe of the movie itself. I often find soundtracks house little gems I’d otherwise never come across. Amongst the ‘cinematic scores of grandeur,’ I’ll stumble upon some hot moment that really does it for me. I’m feeling a bit futuristically camp.

Silent Running. Oddly relevant right now.

And then there’s Logan’s Run. Choke-full of oodles of eye candy.  Omega Man. I like to think of this movie as a time before Charlton Heston went all NRA “from my cold dead hands” gun crazy. Such a movie.

And last, I offer you the not-so-well known Ice Station Zebra.

Rock Hudson giving us his all. And while technically this movie does not thematically jive with the previously mentioned, it’s what got me thinking about soundtracks.

Oh oh …. and one more ….



DEVO is baa-aack people

June 21, 2010

DEVO. We’ve all been touched by Devo in some way right!? Love their divine quirckiness style. Can’t help but to devour them … And now there is new Devo.  This song is such the jam (not their official video). Something For Everybody is best appreciated in sections, as the sound can become repetitive. But it’s still classic Devo, just a bit ramped up. Embrace your inner spazz. Dig out those glasses and pogo your ass off.

Beastie Boys

June 18, 2010

Super Surprise 12″ limited release back on record store day. Ever get yours? 2 songs … goo-ood. They are around, if you look a little. Get yourself a listen.

well sort of no more. They have changed their name to Brite Futures. Here’s the scoop … well sort of. Check out their site for a listen and free download of their new track “Dog Eared Summer.” Here’s hoping for a full length oh soo soon. I will learn to love your new name, but really, you will always be Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head!!!

This band has such a delightful sound they almost slip by you. They fill my bill. Rafter‘s new album Animal Feelings is loaded with blatant pop summer jams! There’s quite a few videos out for older Rafter stuff because they did a music video contest. I love this one.

Divine. Camp.