Lykke Li

April 4, 2011

Oh My Gawd. I have the biggest crush on Lykke Li’s new release, Wounded Rhymes. I know she’s the “next be thing” and sometimes that can be, well, a turnoff or whatever. But really. It’s good, really good. Diverse in it’s indie-ness, she covers a lot of territory.  Hard to soft. Echoing 50’s nostalgia to straight pop. The girls got it. Big large sounds. Love it all.

Discovered courtesy of Electric Forest.


Powerful balls out electronic/pop/punk/rock.  Yup, all that in one band on one ep. But certainly, electro is the main focus. What I really dig is that they released trailers for their new ep, Clean Lines. Like a movie tease, only it’s a badass music tease. Here’s one. Ooooo …. the mystery. Here’s another longer one, using live footage. Ingenious, right!! Then to the meat of it all, a track off the new ep. What’s that cover all about?

The new album This is Happening is good, but different! Listen with open ears and you’ll find some amazing songs like “Dance Yrslf Clean.”