February 24, 2011

I’m rather indifferent about Radiohead, never paid much attention to them. But this video for “Lotus Flower” off their new album The King of Limbs has me hooked, transfixed, and absolutely mesmerized.


B. Dolan

February 14, 2011

Say, this is some edgy hip hop. Like ballsy rock hip hop or something. It’s hip hop, but it’s rock, but it’s spoken word. The reviews read really mixed. My personal choice … hell yeah. Check out his grind … This video reminds me of our ModPlexi art … things mashed together, that shouldn’t. Yeah I know … I’m a little late on this. whatevs …

Groovin’ with Soul Square

February 9, 2011

Soul Square’s 2010 release Live & Uncut is a big blowout of everything – hip hop, soul, jazz. And within every category is old and new sounds. A fresh culmination of groove. The core of the band’s from France with lots of ad in people on vocals. Here’s a great sampler of the album: Smooth. You could get funky to it, right!? I did.

Powerful balls out electronic/pop/punk/rock.  Yup, all that in one band on one ep. But certainly, electro is the main focus. What I really dig is that they released trailers for their new ep, Clean Lines. Like a movie tease, only it’s a badass music tease. Here’s one. Ooooo …. the mystery. Here’s another longer one, using live footage. Ingenious, right!! Then to the meat of it all, a track off the new ep. What’s that cover all about?

Gauntlet Hair

February 2, 2011

Been jamming “Out … Don’t” a lot. Guitars and spacey. Kinda (**kinda, just a bit) reminds me of El Guincho Sorry. The video is, video-less.