Weird Lynchian-esque film, he’s got that … with a flip phone cameo.   Music that’s electro-funky with r&b vibes. Yeah it’s raunchy sometimes and shitloads of good.

Have really been all about his new album Majenta. This dude’s got my number.



October 13, 2011

Try saying that name 5 times fast!?

I am digging Galactic Melt so hard. It’s my favorite sound of a sound scape. It’s electronic, it’s 80’s synth, it’s soundtrack — it’s sci-fi soundtrack. Yeah, and it’s funky. The music relates itself to everything and every mood (at least, in my life). And if you check out youtube & vimeo, there’s an infinite supply of super rad videos people have made via Com Truise. And there’s more. Where Tron (original Tron) and Blade Runner meet.

A wise person once said, “Com Truise is sooo Gop Tun.”

Late Bloomers

July 26, 2011

They did. THEY WENT AND DID IT. The easiest of groove. The funkiest of hip hop. Three Shades of Brown is a lotta soul, funk, hip hop, and a touch of electronic. It’s all kinda musically magic. It’s nice to hear hip hop that treats their music with such indulgence.

Late Bloomers are magical and soulful.

Nite Jewel & Dam-Funk

July 11, 2011

This track is all about two of my favorites! Serious funky groove. Looove it. If you can’t work it out to this … you’ve got a problem or two goin’ on. Real deal here.

Starship 27 Vol. 2

May 20, 2011

Now that’s what I’m talking about. This project, this compilation, takes you funky … hard funky. All the way big fat and funky. Soul, beats, electro and the like are thrown in, but really, it’s an overall get your groove on funk compilation created by J-1. Great sample listen here. Artists include Dam-Funk, B. Bravo, I, Ced, Computer J … Can’t recommend enough. Jams.


December 2, 2010

So I know, it’s not new music, but I just really fell in love all over again with their 2008 album Nights Out. Such the perfect combination of things I love: little bits of funk, 80’s vibe synth, electro-pop, and unbelievably catchy. Plus, their videos are rad! Fun! Now bust out some new music pa-leaseee … bust it out.

Chico Mann is my man

November 9, 2010

 Chico Mann is like that intersection, where all the streets meet. I mean all of them – bringing all kinds of cultures, and flavors, and vibes with them. Chico Mann’s latest Analog Drift is where soul, funk, hints of freestyle, and afrobeat sounds all come together. And does it ever come together. This album, it is the shit. It’s this laid back electro infused groove.  By far one of the best things to come my way this year.