Brite Futures

October 12, 2011

The band formally known as Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head (of which I was a devout fan) has a new album out next month. Fun electro pop.  They’ve released a new video for one of their tracks. – while I love the video, I actually like this song better. Looks like they’re releasing a series of teaser videos leading up to their album release …  What I loved about NPSH is that whole fun element. Hands down one of the best live shows I’ve seen. Hoping their reincarnation as Brite Futures is just as fun!


Combative fun. And it is all fun. Kinda like Beastie Boys on a lotta red bull. Hawnay Troof … my new favorite get down.

Oh how I have time warped back in the day with neon colors blazing, pants cranked tight and permed hair teased high … The Bird & The Bee’s tribute album to Hall & Oats is just a fabulous moment. I’ll admit, I wasn’t smitten at first listen, but have since fallen head over heals for this reincarnation of soulful 80’s. It’s as if I’m in a dark glammed out dive bar with my cocktail all mixed up by Ginger as I get funky to “Private Eyes.” How amazing is this video … they are playing with John Oats and she’s so pregnant and still brings it (sorry about the abrupt ending of the video).  A mini taste of “I Can’t Go For That.”

Kotchy for breakfast

March 22, 2010

I like Kotchy because they/he bring(s) the groove within subtleties. Kind of like my morning starter if you will – my music morning coffee. Understated experimental groove pop that eases me into my day.

And if you dig around in his website, there’s a free mp3 download or two.

Onili … super fun catchy electro-pop from Israel. Great video, and I have to say, I really dig everything I hear from her.

Go Chic brings more electro-pop, but from Taiwan. Young and rowdy and, well just dance! Their new album I am Confused is released mid March. Fun edgy songs – that’s their point. I love “Hardate.”  As the lyrics says, “We are your reason to dance.”

I can’t wait for more from both these bands. Cuz it’s all just that good!