Powerful balls out electronic/pop/punk/rock.  Yup, all that in one band on one ep. But certainly, electro is the main focus. What I really dig is that they released trailers for their new ep, Clean Lines. Like a movie tease, only it’s a badass music tease. Here’s one. Ooooo …. the mystery. Here’s another longer one, using live footage. Ingenious, right!! Then to the meat of it all, a track off the new ep. What’s that cover all about?


Go Chic, um, oh yeaahhhh

January 24, 2011

I love, super love, the energy this band brings. It’s really all about the fun. Go Chic’s album, I Am Confused, is an effortless ball of energy. Elctro-pop-rock. Fun. No thinking … just all out pogo-ing mindless fun.  It’s spazzy. It’s mad catchy. Think Le Tigre, minus the political edge.

Terry Terry Poison

September 22, 2010

I want to be in Terry Poison.


So hot. I mindlessly rock out to the new Terry Poison album.  Spazzy. Yum.