November 10, 2011

I’m always a sucker for Peaches. Her collaboration with Cazwell is quite the guilty pleasure. Sometimes, you just gotta go there … Can’t wait for the actual video … some (kinda) video-in-the-making pics found here.



September 7, 2011

Yup, that’s right, I said Muppets. To be exact, it’s Muppets: The Green Album. Things have been bad in the land of Texas. First the drought and ridiculously obnoxious high temperatures, and now, the most unbelievable wildfires are eating up our state. I need a happy break. A feel good moment if you will … a distraction. Enter this album! The Muppets, covered by lots of great bands.  OK Go + Muppets = all sorts of super rad fuzzy and furry pick me up fun. Thanks guys, you rock me.

Damn I Love The Go! Team

April 20, 2011

Their new album Rolling Blackouts just makes me all bouncy and happy and you know, feelin’ good! I dig when bands have so many sounds all coming together for an upbeat boogie down. Here’s the trailer for their new album.

So super rad … and check out the full length video for “Apollo Throwdown” featuring Dominique Young Unique (who is a total badass in her own right). Get your spazz on.

Wonder Woman Hotness

October 6, 2010

Now that’s how to save the day.

Chromeo Business Casual

September 24, 2010

Who doesn’t want moooore Chromeo? They bring the electro-funk-pop, and they bring it hard!!  Business Casual is the third installment of what I deem The Chromeo Effect. Dance jams on funk steroids.  The moves in this video are rad!  It’s the Chromeo you know and love. The perfect blend of funk, pop, & 80’s synth. Hell Yeah.


Guilty pleasures

July 21, 2010

Delish … electro-pop … pleasures.
Sugar & Gold Get Wet!  Uffie Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans I love both of their new releases. Shameless lust.