Go Chic, um, oh yeaahhhh

January 24, 2011

I love, super love, the energy this band brings. It’s really all about the fun. Go Chic’s album, I Am Confused, is an effortless ball of energy. Elctro-pop-rock. Fun. No thinking … just all out pogo-ing mindless fun.  It’s spazzy. It’s mad catchy. Think Le Tigre, minus the political edge.


Adrian Younge

January 21, 2011

Check out this video made by Adrian Younge (Black Dynamite) about recording/recording equipment using lots of old footage and his (new) music. Funky, and educational.

… not just for today

January 17, 2011

  activate yourself, civilly.

Can’t lie, it wasn’t instant love. It took a minute. But now, it’s an obsession. I freakin’ can’t stop listening to Sleigh Bell’s Treats.  Rad chick vocals, rad industrial-ish music. Really a new take on things. The vocals and music pair together effortlessly, even though they really shouldn’t. The music is full and sometimes harsh industrial noisy rock. The vocals, pop – varying from lite and airy to edgier.  

Now I know when you click the video below, it won’t play, but follow it to Youtube. Song & video rock. And the video was made by a high school kid!