Can’t lie, it wasn’t instant love. It took a minute. But now, it’s an obsession. I freakin’ can’t stop listening to Sleigh Bell’s Treats.  Rad chick vocals, rad industrial-ish music. Really a new take on things. The vocals and music pair together effortlessly, even though they really shouldn’t. The music is full and sometimes harsh industrial noisy rock. The vocals, pop – varying from lite and airy to edgier.  

Now I know when you click the video below, it won’t play, but follow it to Youtube. Song & video rock. And the video was made by a high school kid!


I mean seriously the cat’s meow of indie pop electro-punk marching band music.

I try to write about new music and stuff just hitting, but sometimes you gotta do a throw back. Their last album was released in 2008, but I can’t get it off my brain. I get weird to it daily. And more importantly,  you should too. It goes way beyond a party in your pants. You can hear lots of their songs here, i highly hands down must urge you to listen to “Grow Your Own F-ing Mustache.” This is a clip from 2009’s SXSW.

More than an indie pop band. There’s an essence of nostalgic folk – somehow – mixed in with the electronics and the horns.

 Maybe that’s the draw … or maybe, it’s just gotta be sugary sometime.

Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band

January 27, 2010

Broken indie listening, that i could listen to forever. And they are funnnnyyyy. Watch ….  Mt St. Helens Vietnam Band, you are so salty!

photo by Chris Frey

 I am so devoted to Destroyer right now.     


I know I’m a little late coming to the Destroyer party, but now, I have arrived and refuse to leave. Dan Bejar’s voice and lyrics are just so stunning. Leaves me with images of John Lennon. “Blue Flower Blue Flame” off of Trouble in Dreams mesmerizes me, not to mention “Libby’s First Sunrise” (I swear amazing).  Powerful subtleties. And Bejar’s project list is endless: his solo releases plus Swan Lake, New Pornographers, and Frog Eyes.