How could I have a music blog related to the idea of mixtapes and not include The Gaslamp Killer?

I mean really … he puts out crazy releases that defy natural boundaries of mixtapes. There’s nothing he doesn’t touch … world, beat, hip-hop, psychedelic – seriously masters them all into your background for living. You sorta get the feeling he’s doing whatever he wants, regardless …  Anything he does with Gonjasufi is unbelievable. Gonjasufi is such amazement in voice and power. It is just about impossible to find his music except in bits and pieces (online) and on other people’s work. Mainly through videos. Take the time and listen … Gaslamp Killer Gonjasufi  Flying Lotus


Katie Armstrong

January 29, 2010

The beauty of the internet is what you randomly stumble upon that ends up directly affecting you, and even changing you a little. Katie Armstrong’s blog is a great honest read, and most intriguing is her post “Goodbye Sorrow.” It involves her thesis and the opening for the installation. To the point – the video is amazing. She took a mindless pop song and made it into something so real, with meaning. The 100s of illustrations she used are just wonderful. I think you will agree. 

Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band

January 27, 2010

Broken indie listening, that i could listen to forever. And they are funnnnyyyy. Watch ….  Mt St. Helens Vietnam Band, you are so salty!

Chris Joss is the man. His new album will testify to that.

Some of his previous releases are 60’s cinema/spy/bossa (which are also great), but Monomaniacs Volume 1 is funk like you were smack in the middle of a blaxploitation film.   I highly recommend his webpage. It is loaded with all his music as well as some great videos.

Have you met Man Man yet?

January 21, 2010

There’s not a Man Man album I don’t like, and I suspect you will agree.  I know they don’t have a recent release, but they are still relevant as the big-top. These gypsies are the carnival. I mean there’s no way not to have a get down, this band has taken the notion of random and perfected it … digging through the chaos is worth it, I swear! Watch, this is freakin’ great! And so is this one (below).   This last video, is a super-rad mini movie. Man Man will cure what ails ya.

If ya don’t know …

January 19, 2010

 Well, I am sure you do know about all three of these artists. I love them all.

K-os’ 2009 album Yes!  is so dynamic and tight, and wow. There’s a remix version of the album out as well, but I haven’t listened b/c remix albums all to often seem to be, shall we say, a let down. “Whip C.R.E.A.M.” is one of my favs off Yes! Do yourself a favor and listen to it.  

Mos Def … what’s to say that hasn’t been said?

Known greatness, no doubt. Not only is the music great on The Ecstatic, but the album cover is gorgeous (which is a weird thing to say about a hip-hop album cover!) I can’t listen to “Worker’s Comp” and “Auditorium” enough … so much more than hip-hop.

Black Milk’s latest Tronic is like this assault on you from the get go (and there’s a new album coming out this year). The music is more than your average listen – there’s soul to it, there’s electronic vibes happening. Real instruments!    Very conscious. 

Glamorous yet dirty electro pop. Late of the Pier own the space somewhere between pop and alternative with electric sounds bridging the gap.  They do me right. Catchy but not cliché.  Their videos are both all too amazing and their album, Fantasy Black Channel, is the full package.