Jungle By Night

August 25, 2011

Progressive upbeat afrobeat/groove jazz from Amsterdam. Lots of flavor and funk. Into their energy and refreshing innovations. Certainly check out their blog, it’s a great read about their journey as a band and you get a real sense of their love for music. Here’s the song that got me hooked (I stumbled upon it while “researching” E.T. – as in the extra-terrestrial – … when you have kids, you end up reading about the most random shit). Listen up to their new album – you’ll dig it, hard. Swear.



August 4, 2011

From Beruit’s new single. Glorious and intoxicating. It is the sound they do so well. Carries me away every listen.

The Whitefield Brothers

April 26, 2011

So, I’ve been trying to put together a post about this band for, something like weeks now. I think I’ve been toiling over it so long because I really really love this album and wanted to write some cosmic words about its greatness to inspire the masses to dig in and listen. Well, it didn’t happen. Instead …. I pondered and wrote notta. Idiot. I know.  So here goes … written stream of conscious style: My Love Affair with The Whitefield Brothers. Their album Earthology has been out for over a year and I’m just finding it, but, seriously, just glad I stumbled upon. It has become one of my absolute favorite things to groove to. It’s the perfect collective of world, funky, raw soul, afrobeat, hiphop, jazz, and groove. It’s got a real throwback sound, yet lots of fresh newness to it. Never have I come across this perfect of a blend of styles and past/present sounds.  The fact that these are German dudes still blows my mind. Ridiculously relevant. You owe it to yourself to listen up. The best thing I own right now.  You can check out some sample sounds here. So do it.

Divine. Camp. 

Even though they are based out of New York, BBB are all world beat. Gypsy and horns and electronic sounds come together to make the music happen. Blue Eyed Black Boy is such a collaboration/coming together of world flair. The energy is crazy. Check out this video … rad!