Monday’s Little Helper

April 18, 2011

Forbidden Zone 1982 Richard Elfman


2011 Yeah Boooyyy

December 31, 2010

Here’s to a thrilling New Year.

The Gaslamp Killer DEATH GATE

December 22, 2010

He does it again. The Death Gate ep is crazy.  “When I’m in Awe” is an unbelievable song with vocals by Gonjasufi. Destroys. It is the same trippy sounds that came from Gonjasufi’s A Sufi and a Killer – a seemless match. Then there’s “Shattering Inner Journeys” with Computer Jay … yeah, that’s a spontaneous sounding trip. It moves so randomly. A trip lodged between the desert and a 70’s B-movie with psychedelics thrown in for fun. Insatiable need for this.

Well it’s not exactly new Gonjasufi (who is the greatest thing to hit 2010) but it’s something to satisfy the need. A remix album. I know I know, remix albums are usually pretty hit or miss. Reinterpreting something done pretty darn badass the first time ’round is no easy thing.  Some of that scratchy confused dirty grit is gone … but in the end … maybe it is still there, just in other forms/states. I certainly recommend you take a listen to Caliph’s Tea Party, you’ll walk away with somethin’. And if you haven’t checked out A Sufi and his Killer yet, well … dude, why not? Seriously.


September 3, 2010

Yet another reason to love CocoRosie. New album, Grey Oceans. Video leaves me floored. 

Divine. Camp. 

Combative fun. And it is all fun. Kinda like Beastie Boys on a lotta red bull. Hawnay Troof … my new favorite get down.