July 25, 2011

Man, abrasive. Like paint remover. Listener is like the moment when the ants consume your foot and it instantly stings and hurts like hell. They are the jarring place where spoken word and music meet. It will mess you up and make you think.  It’s reeaal intense … and moustache-y.


B. Dolan

February 14, 2011

Say, this is some edgy hip hop. Like ballsy rock hip hop or something. It’s hip hop, but it’s rock, but it’s spoken word. The reviews read really mixed. My personal choice … hell yeah. Check out his grind … This video reminds me of our ModPlexi art … things mashed together, that shouldn’t. Yeah I know … I’m a little late on this. whatevs …

I love Sage Francis. Love him. Where music and spoken word collide. Crazy good. LI(F)E is so worth listening to. So … listen!

Challanging the normal

February 11, 2010

Oy‘s new album First Box then Walk … it’s not anything, but rather everything.

She (Joy Frempong) has endless music components. At any given time Oy’s sound is jazz, spoken, pop, hip-hop, experimental … and more. Beautifully weird and i absolutely lose myself in this album’s diversity. Check out this video as a sampler for their new album (and click on the above link to hear their album).