January 19, 2012

Working on falling for that recent SBTRKT release.  Totally fallen for his track that features LIttle Dragon. Trance inducing. Die for. Hell yes. Love it that much. Works a mean subtle groove. Dig that.



October 13, 2011

Try saying that name 5 times fast!?

I am digging Galactic Melt so hard. It’s my favorite sound of a sound scape. It’s electronic, it’s 80’s synth, it’s soundtrack — it’s sci-fi soundtrack. Yeah, and it’s funky. The music relates itself to everything and every mood (at least, in my life). And if you check out youtube & vimeo, there’s an infinite supply of super rad videos people have made via Com Truise. And there’s more. Where Tron (original Tron) and Blade Runner meet.

A wise person once said, “Com Truise is sooo Gop Tun.”


July 27, 2011

Austra. Really digging their dark synth pop sound. The female vocals evoke strong images of Kate Bush … the music has an 80’s throwback vibe/goth sound, with drama and building power. Quite intoxicating …

Those Sneaky Gorillaz

May 16, 2011

Originally released for free to fan club members … now available to buy. I didn’t even see this coming. The Fall was created during their North American tour on an iPad. Very experimental and at times, a journal vibe. Listen to the whole thing and get lots of details right here.  Not all the tracks are keepers, but there’s certainly more than enough to crush on.  A sense of freedom here … in the moment vibe.


May 6, 2011

Today’s all about crunchy fat beats. Salva’s Jar from 2009 is so grimy and thick and well, crunchy. Complex Housing was just released but for me, it just doesn’t have that … texture Jar has. I mean it’s all gravy but today, it’s all about Jar. Serious sound manipulation. Check out XLR8R for a rad mix Salva did featuring bands/sounds including B. Bravo, Dorian Concept, and Bok Bok. There be some bass in that mix! Plus check out his Frite Nite label for tons of music hook ups, tons.

Kotchy Two

March 29, 2011

Such a rad well-rounded listen. Infinite crunchy beats … with elements of funk, soul, and pop layered in. There’s an overall funky chill feeling to it with excellent beats and horns.  Songs like “What Have I Done with My Life” and “Work It Out” are so different but yet both work. I love how he runs the spectrum on this release.

Powerful balls out electronic/pop/punk/rock.  Yup, all that in one band on one ep. But certainly, electro is the main focus. What I really dig is that they released trailers for their new ep, Clean Lines. Like a movie tease, only it’s a badass music tease. Here’s one. Ooooo …. the mystery. Here’s another longer one, using live footage. Ingenious, right!! Then to the meat of it all, a track off the new ep. What’s that cover all about?