June 1, 2012

So simple, organic, and spontaneous. I love this video.  LP’s new release Into the Wild is a dreamy pop listen. Beautifully powerful voice, mad ukulele skillz.



May 23, 2012

I have listened to this jam 5 million times. I think it’s the beat – isn’t that what gets you on it? Kind of a creeper effect. That whole Twirligig is worth a good listen. Trips. More to listen to here (click his name for expanded tracks)


Jonti info right here.


February 3, 2012

It’s been a good week for me! All kinds of releases. M.I.A. just released the “Bad Girls” single from some album that will come out someday … supposedly this year. Highly produced video, I’ll leave it at that. Tribal beats … Now bring on the rest.


February 1, 2012

How I love thee Santigold and how I’ve been waiting FOREVER for new music. Bam. First listen off the new album Master Of My Make-Believe – “Big Mouth” – freaking love it tons! And the video is just as rad. It’s got a great afro-beat vibe going. Exciting and can’t wait for more. Irritates me that it’s such a great song and all people seem to be writing about is the posibility of a Gaga diss in the song. Who cares!


Download the track for free here.


January 20, 2012

Jam this band. It’s a pop funk happening with a dreamy lo-fi vibe. Old school look in the video makes them even more addicting.

Bassline gets me. Plus checkout “Friend Crush” – super synthed out and dreamy. But still workin’ a mean catchy pop.

More here for the scoop.


*image found here.


AM & Shawn Lee

October 27, 2011

Perusing the ESL Music label’s page the other day and I realized, I’ve been missing out! ESL was always the go to label for me. After all, it’s how I discovered Nicole Conte! The sounds range from international to jazz to bossa to funk to pop to electric, but all in the same vein. My next few posts will feature some of their artists. First up is AM & Shawn Lee. Talk about an album growing on me. Wasn’t blown away at first, but now, I find myself perpetually going back to their new release, Celestial Electric. Well groomed pop that incorporates soul, funk, with melodic overtones. It’s a very chilled vibed. Pretty dang and otherwise killer-ly amazing video right here:

But this is the song that does it for me! 


*** and yes, it’s that Shawn Lee.