Boots Electric

August 29, 2011

The next best thing to a new Eagles of Death Metal release – a Boots Electric (aka Jesse Hughes aka Eagles of Death Metal dude) solo album. Man, I know it’s gonna be good and rockin’ and funky. For pete’s sake, Money Mark is involved!! It’s a wait worth waiting, ya know … but giddy up tiger.Bring on that Honkey Kong



August 4, 2011

From Beruit’s new single. Glorious and intoxicating. It is the sound they do so well. Carries me away every listen.

I love Little Dragon. Love. A lot. I have a total girl crush on Yukimi Nagano, a voice crush on her, and a major all over love crush on the band’s sound. It just all always works for me. Electro pop that is very groove driven in such an effortless way. The third album, Ritual Union, is a dreamy listen. I can’t get enough of Nagano’s voice. There’s something so tribal about her delivery. This next video is a really old song of theirs that I love, I get lost in it.   A perfect visual and musical moment.


July 25, 2011

Man, abrasive. Like paint remover. Listener is like the moment when the ants consume your foot and it instantly stings and hurts like hell. They are the jarring place where spoken word and music meet. It will mess you up and make you think.  It’s reeaal intense … and moustache-y.

Dirty Beaches

July 22, 2011

Dirty Beaches, a one man kinda show aka Alex Zhang Hungtai, is lo-fi ear nectar.  Someone who purchased one of our address plaques, and had read through/listened through the Mixtape blog, suggested we give Dirty Beaches a listen. Frickin’ serious score. Totally sold on the Badlands release. Really. Reminds me of one of my all time fav bands, Deadbolt. Throw back vibe, this dirty/gritty feeling. Sometimes, lonesome. My initial reaction was, this would have been ideal for Twin Peaks. Then, reading through an interview he (Hungtai) did, Badlands was inspired by three David Lynch films. I definitely got his message! Listen …

It’s all a dirty dusty worn out loved groove for me.

Music info here      Blog found here

Tiger Love

May 5, 2011

Bahahahaha … priceless.

Freakin’ fun ass jams. Synth-electro. It’s about the party. Straight love everything I can find by them, which thus far, has been via videos on myspace. Reminds me of when I first heard Chromeo, instant fawning and dancing. Such a sucker for synth.

Damn I Love The Go! Team

April 20, 2011

Their new album Rolling Blackouts just makes me all bouncy and happy and you know, feelin’ good! I dig when bands have so many sounds all coming together for an upbeat boogie down. Here’s the trailer for their new album.

So super rad … and check out the full length video for “Apollo Throwdown” featuring Dominique Young Unique (who is a total badass in her own right). Get your spazz on.