2011 Yeah Boooyyy

December 31, 2010

Here’s to a thrilling New Year.


The Gaslamp Killer DEATH GATE

December 22, 2010

He does it again. The Death Gate ep is crazy.  “When I’m in Awe” is an unbelievable song with vocals by Gonjasufi. Destroys. It is the same trippy sounds that came from Gonjasufi’s A Sufi and a Killer – a seemless match. Then there’s “Shattering Inner Journeys” with Computer Jay … yeah, that’s a spontaneous sounding trip. It moves so randomly. A trip lodged between the desert and a 70’s B-movie with psychedelics thrown in for fun. Insatiable need for this.

You know when the stars align, and everything, every-thing, is just right? Yes. That’s what happened when Tron and Daft Punk got together. It’s a hell of a baby … or, rather, I guess, a soundtrack. All of it is right. This is a soundtrack. Not a collage of bands coming together, but a scored soundtrack. And it is so appropriate. I dig it. Really. I don’t know about the movie … but this music is hot. Clearly, The Dude abides.

El Guincho

December 16, 2010

Latin-y, tropical, dance, synth driven pop. El Guincho’s second release, Pop Negro, is really all about a dreamy pop dance record.  Pablo Diaz-Riexa’s voice lends such an ethereal take on pop. I really dig it. Then, there’s the video for “Bombay.” Can you say meeooowww? It’s a lotta goins’ on, but all gravy delish good. Apparently, it has something as such to do with a movie trailer. Click the link to see the uncensored version – do it! Perfect summer sounds, and yes, I know it’s December. Completely irrelevant though, really.

Maylee Todd be freakin’

December 9, 2010

Maylee Todd is so so rad! And her new album Choose Your Own Adventure kicks ass. It is such an explosion of fun. Variety on full tilt. Funky, and pop, and personal, and crazy fun with a wonderful old school/vintage feel! I love this song. I love this video.   She’s for real crazy fab.


December 2, 2010

So I know, it’s not new music, but I just really fell in love all over again with their 2008 album Nights Out. Such the perfect combination of things I love: little bits of funk, 80’s vibe synth, electro-pop, and unbelievably catchy. Plus, their videos are rad! Fun! Now bust out some new music pa-leaseee … bust it out.