Even though they are based out of New York, BBB are all world beat. Gypsy and horns and electronic sounds come together to make the music happen. Blue Eyed Black Boy is such a collaboration/coming together of world flair. The energy is crazy. Check out this video … rad!


Electro beat noise controlled just enough to make it magic. The beats are so in your face.  Electro-funk done so right.

Adrian Younge has gone and done it. Blaxploitation tricked out and done perfectly. Delish funk soundtrack … you’d swear it is the 70’s.

Here’s an awesome mini documentary about the music and the film. If that’s not enough, check this fabulous video out as well! Love it. Greatness.

Onili … super fun catchy electro-pop from Israel. Great video, and I have to say, I really dig everything I hear from her.

Go Chic brings more electro-pop, but from Taiwan. Young and rowdy and, well just dance! Their new album I am Confused is released mid March. Fun edgy songs – that’s their point. I love “Hardate.”  As the lyrics says, “We are your reason to dance.”

I can’t wait for more from both these bands. Cuz it’s all just that good!

Good gravy how did i miss this band?

They are just the right combo of electronic music and rock, which is heavy on the elctro side, with a rock edge (rock sounds like such an odd word these days). And if you visit their facebook page, you can learn the 7 anagrams for Tigersapien, my favorite being peeing sitar …

I love this band. I mean I love them, a lot. 

Punk that’s got a melodic tinge and hints of rockabilly.  I loved how all the song titles on Sitting Army incorporated the word cobra. Their most recent release, American Rubicon, delivers oodles of great sing-along worthy tracks.

Bubblegum + crack = Rauberhole sounds. Sugary crazy tweeked out plastic pop.

Live shows come with a bear, pinky unicorn, ballerinas, piggy, rabbit and a lot of puppets. The down under gettin’ kooky!