March 8, 2012

One of the most amazing videos I’ve seen in a while. Really in awe. I’ve watched it no less than 10 times. The mood is captured – delivered – and left resonating.  Now, watch it again.



February 3, 2012

It’s been a good week for me! All kinds of releases. M.I.A. just released the “Bad Girls” single from some album that will come out someday … supposedly this year. Highly produced video, I’ll leave it at that. Tribal beats … Now bring on the rest.


February 1, 2012

How I love thee Santigold and how I’ve been waiting FOREVER for new music. Bam. First listen off the new album Master Of My Make-Believe – “Big Mouth” – freaking love it tons! And the video is just as rad. It’s got a great afro-beat vibe going. Exciting and can’t wait for more. Irritates me that it’s such a great song and all people seem to be writing about is the posibility of a Gaga diss in the song. Who cares!


Download the track for free here.

Their new album comes out in February. If you haven’t experienced this group, well,  some of the most unique sound and vision I’ve come across. South African rap/rave/pop/hip-hop crazy shit. Love it or hate it, credit due for doing their thing. Offensive and kickass at the same time. Austin peeps, there’s your new idea for your moustache. Here’s the teaser for the album Tension. Can’t lie, first time I watched, got chills – creepy crazy. Their website has a lot of videos, interviews, and explanations. For sure check that. You know it’s going down with these two, and there’s nothing PC about it.


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Immortal Technique

November 30, 2011


For more, here.

Del the Funky Homosapien

August 19, 2011

Like it because it’s hard and gooo-ood. Love it because it’s some fresh, but still, classic Del. Listen up to Golden Era. Lotta great tracks. “One Out of a Million” is crazy good.

How do I love this, let me count the ways.  Books and hip hop … these are a few of my favorite things. Look how young LeVar Burton looks!! On every level, badass.