Matt & Kim again!

November 29, 2010

The new Matt & Kim Sidewalks is nothing less than great fun balls of energy. Somehow I always tie them to an 80’s vibe, but not a synth sound, I think it’s his voice or maybe the way he sings. The bottom line is, I love their electro pop goodness!My favorite song off this album is  “Ice Melts” – it reminds me of Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head who are now called Brite Futures. I can’t really post any videos for you to be dazzled by because the dumb record label has them blocked … whatever to that nonsense!! Here’s a taste though (until it too gets blocked)…   Check out their website for all the scoop on the jams.


Chico Mann is my man

November 9, 2010

 Chico Mann is like that intersection, where all the streets meet. I mean all of them – bringing all kinds of cultures, and flavors, and vibes with them. Chico Mann’s latest Analog Drift is where soul, funk, hints of freestyle, and afrobeat sounds all come together. And does it ever come together. This album, it is the shit. It’s this laid back electro infused groove.  By far one of the best things to come my way this year.