Julie Driscoll

March 23, 2011

I love her fierce voice.


Well it’s not exactly new Gonjasufi (who is the greatest thing to hit 2010) but it’s something to satisfy the need. A remix album. I know I know, remix albums are usually pretty hit or miss. Reinterpreting something done pretty darn badass the first time ’round is no easy thing.  Some of that scratchy confused dirty grit is gone … but in the end … maybe it is still there, just in other forms/states. I certainly recommend you take a listen to Caliph’s Tea Party, you’ll walk away with somethin’. And if you haven’t checked out A Sufi and his Killer yet, well … dude, why not? Seriously.


September 3, 2010

Yet another reason to love CocoRosie. New album, Grey Oceans. Video leaves me floored. 

Spontaneous chaos, pummeled with emotion and energy. The new album, Have the Best Day of Your Life, loaded with good jams (preview it with the link). They are just a noisy pop band, but they do it so good and take it to a whole ‘nother level come live time. To see them live is to love them!  I think this next video says it all, so watch it.

Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers. This lady, this lady, THIS LADY kills it. I don’t know what you call this kinda music, but it is the cat’s meow. 

She lays it all out there in her live shows. This video is kinda crazy … but it captures her vibe. Crack a listen to A Fish Hook An Open Eye on the website (linked above).