Soundtrack Indulgence

June 22, 2010

Sometimes I end up owning soundtracks, not necessarily because of the music, but because I was driven to them by the cover art or the vibe of the movie itself. I often find soundtracks house little gems I’d otherwise never come across. Amongst the ‘cinematic scores of grandeur,’ I’ll stumble upon some hot moment that really does it for me. I’m feeling a bit futuristically camp.

Silent Running. Oddly relevant right now.

And then there’s Logan’s Run. Choke-full of oodles of eye candy.  Omega Man. I like to think of this movie as a time before Charlton Heston went all NRA “from my cold dead hands” gun crazy. Such a movie.

And last, I offer you the not-so-well known Ice Station Zebra.

Rock Hudson giving us his all. And while technically this movie does not thematically jive with the previously mentioned, it’s what got me thinking about soundtracks.

Oh oh …. and one more ….



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