The Smiths

April 9, 2011

Most peeps, or at least most from my generation, who wore black, eyeliner, thought the life of a teenager was soo hard and miserable, hair – highly teased, shaved, or straight over an eye, (if you lived in Houston) went to club NRG, have a history with The Smiths. That band changed lives. I can remember the first time I heard of them, of this “Morrissey” person. Late night TV (we didn’t have cable). Some sort of English news cast. I can remember the people interviewed, what TV I was watching, and where it was in my house. The next day, I headed to the local mall (had my mom drive me), hit the record store, and bought my first Smiths album. Actually, it was a cassette, Meat is Murder. That shit changed my life in that all intense epic way things can happen as a teenager.

Why these random musings about The Smiths?

Memories and profound love for them were stirred and renewed after reading this blog post on Door Sixteen. It made me look at the albums, singles, and creative motivation of the band/Morrissey in a whole different light. I highly encourage you to click the link, check it out, and let your memory juices get ta’ flowing.

This is my favorite album (12″ technically) cover. I still have all of my Smiths/Morrissey vinyl. I love them so. And I love how much the music means to me, still.


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