Daryl’s House is the spot!

September 28, 2010

I love Hall & Oats from way back. Waaaaay back. The very first albums I bought were Hall & Oats and Joan Jett. My mom took me to the record store in the mall. I couldn’t decide and ended up with Joan Jett and Hall & Oats albums. 1981. I still have both albums. If you busted out a magnifying glass and looked in the bottom right corner, you’d see my name written in all it’s pre-teen glory! Fond memories of my sister and I singing “Man Eater” in the back of my parents’ pimped out van. Hall & Oats. Soul and rock done right. Flash forward … I find out about “Live From Daryl’s House.” This is greatness, no matter where you’re at in the age spectrum. Daryl Hall has really gone and done it! I am so into this project. He has musicians to his house, records their jam sessions, and puts it on the web for free viewing. Really. Take a moment and groove. You will find love for artists you never considered and really dig the process of making music happen. Live From Daryl’s House has soooo many things to view. I recommend hitting the show archive list (to pick an episode) and then watching the full episodes. My hands down favs are Chromeo, Sharon Jones, Bacon Brothers, Funky Kingston, Smokey Robinson, Company of Thieves, Travis McCoy (“Be Thankful For What You Got” kills)  and on and on! It’s all good … take a minute and check it. Internet done right.


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